What do the scores mean?

I have been reading reviews from hundreds of reviewers for years and almost every one of them attaches an arbitrary number to the end of their reviews without really explaining what those numbers actually mean.

I have decided, in order to make my reviews easier to understand and more accessible to compile a short ‘key’ for you – the lovely people –  to peruse and use at your convenience, please enjoy.


An absolute catastrophic mess of a game that should never be played by anyone, EVER.


A terrible tragedy that makes no use of any of the good ideas that are obvious in the games presentation.


A substance-less mess that has no right being a game due to the fact that all the pieces were on the board – so to speak – in spite of this, the game still managed to fail disastrously.


A game that is not necessarily bad or fantastically appalling but still falls short of the mark due to the fact that there are better alternatives on the market.


A bearable game that is reasonably enjoyable but will not be making headlines any time soon for ‘unique art project’.


A ‘tick-the-box’ experience that will be remembered for being ‘safe’, nothing more.


A game that falls just short of the ‘good’ mark by making one or more mistakes which result in the overall score being lessened.


A fantastic experience which will be remembered for quite some time for making ‘waves’ in its field and helping to add to an overall enjoyable genre.


A game that has personality, looks wonderful, plays like a dream and is an absolute pleasure to play.


A rare gem in a sea of mediocrity.


I hope that this key helps you to understand my reviewing process and ensures that you and I are always on the same page.

Thank you dear friends for stopping by.



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