Look Away – My Thoughts on Lemony Snickets A Series Of Unfortunate Events (Netflix)

Look away, look away, this review teems with dreadful themes and overwhelming dismay.
Look away, look away for reading this will surely ruin your entire day.

By this point, I hope you realise that I am – of course – joking. Lemony Snickets books have never been filled with happiness, joy and glee, this was no different with 2004’s movie starring the enigmatic Jim Carrey as the dreadful ‘Count Olof’, this theme survived and is highlighted in the 2017 Netflix series which puts Neil Patrick Harris in the role as the count. Continue reading


Sometimes they come back (my thoughts on Santa Clarita Diet)

For as long as I have been able to construct a full sentence, I have enjoyed zombie-related media, be it; games, movies or TV shows. My love affair with zombies starts on a cold day in 1997, I found a VHS tape called Braindead,
Peter Jacksons seminal gore-fest turned me on to the undead in a way which I never expected. Be it the famous “I kick arse for the lord” scene, with its heavily humour saturated tones or the scene where Lionel uses a lawnmower to kill EVERYONE – which is obviously a hark back to Raimi’s cult hit Evil Dead –¬†each blow landed with the force of a sledgehammer attached to an anvil Continue reading