Reviews should inform decisions not make them

Triple-A titles receiving negative reviews is largely unheard of – aside from Ubisoft of course.

I recently reviewed Doom for a now defunct gaming website: it was awarded a 5/10. I gave this score because I felt that the game was average. It brought nothing new to the genre or series, and really just served as a nostalgia trip for those who were around to play the 1st Doom game back in 1993 Continue reading

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Hitmans 1st Elusive Contract didn’t live up to expectation

Friday the 13th of May saw the first-ever elusive contract release being made available to play in Hitman. But, did it live up to expectations?

Elusive contracts are contracts which offer one opportunity to eliminate a target, that means; no second chances or saves. Once the contract is completed, it cannot be replayed. This new mode serves to further the realism factor which Hitman has strived for many years to establish and refine. Continue reading

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No Mans Lie – A NMS Analysis

No Man’s Sky has landed – and much like your character in the game – it’s had to endure some tough environments since its release. But, why has No Man’s Sky been receiving such harsh criticism?

I think it’s fair to say that Hellogames has landed. Sean Murray is a superb visionary who may very well have changed gaming forever. Continue reading

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Boldly going nowhere – No Mans Sky review (pre-update)

No Mans Sky
Platform on which it was played: Playstation 4
Score: 6/10 – No Man’s Sky offers all of the aesthetics but delivers on none of the long-awaited promise. Initially outstanding, it gradually progresses into just another Minecraft-esque adventure quest with about as much positive content as a Donald Trump human rights policy.
Price Paid: £59.99 at release

Continue reading

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Sometimes they come back (my thoughts on Santa Clarita Diet)

For as long as I have been able to construct a full sentence, I have enjoyed zombie-related media, be it; games, movies or TV shows. My love affair with zombies starts on a cold day in 1997, I found a VHS tape called Braindead,
Peter Jacksons seminal gore-fest turned me on to the undead in a way which I never expected. Be it the famous “I kick arse for the lord” scene, with its heavily humour saturated tones or the scene where Lionel uses a lawnmower to kill EVERYONE – which is obviously a hark back to Raimi’s cult hit Evil Dead – each blow landed with the force of a sledgehammer attached to an anvil Continue reading

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AdVenture Capitalist – The Devil Will Make Profit For Idle Hands

GameAdVenture Capitalist
Platform on which it was played: Playstation 4
Score: 5/10 – AVC is a parody-filled ‘idle’ game which pretends to be nothing and makes very little promises. An All round fun experience which couldn’t really BE any better due to the genre which it has inserted itself into.
Price Paid:Free-to-play (in-app purchases are available, these generally boost your in-game finances) but are entirely optional and irrelevant)

AdVenture Capitalist is the latest game from Hyper Hippo and is what one could call a ‘free-game’, however it could only be classified as such if we don’t put any worth into the time we spend in a game. Continue reading

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Mafia 3 Review: Revenge Is A Disc Best Served Fixed

Game: Mafia III
Platform on which it was played: Playstation 4
Score: 6.5/10 – A terrific soundtrack, interesting characters and plotline fit for Hollywood aren’t enough to save this banal graphical mess from the graveyard of mediocrity.

Developed by Hangar 13 and published by 2K, Mafia 3 is an open-world crime-thriller set in the 1960’s in the fictional town of New Bordeaux – a faux representation of New Orleans.  The game follows the tragic post-Vietnam life of orphaned African-American war hero, Lincoln Clay. Continue reading

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