News: E3 Cometh – LA gearing up

Rumours have been swirling recently and now we have proof in the form of this preliminary image from the LA E3 building being decorated in preparation for the BIG event in June.
The time is fast approaching which sees hundreds of developers and publishers descend onto ‘the city of angels’ in order to showboat and demonstrate the wonderful things which they have been working on since the last time we saw them – E3 2106, to be exact. Continue reading


What the heck is… Pokemon GO?!

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. Your coworkers are playing, their friends are playing it, heck, even the dog’s giving it a go. But, what exactly ‘is’ Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is one step away from total domination, but how does it work? And where can you get it? I will not try to attempt to answer all of these questions and more as we delve head first into the frightfully successful world of Pokemon Go. Continue reading

Demons Souls is From Softwares masterpiece

In the years that have passed since it made its triumphant and deadly debut back in 2009, Demon’s Souls continues to stand the test of time.

Since 2009 I have had a problem – I like being killed.

Okay, that isn’t strictly true. I like being killed by overpowered beasties in difficult to navigate areas, only to be re-spawned and proceed to fight back to the arena and slice the monster into equal pieces. You may have guessed what I’m talking about here: the renowned Souls series. Continue reading

Reviews should inform decisions not make them

Triple-A titles receiving negative reviews is largely unheard of – aside from Ubisoft of course.

I recently reviewed Doom for a now defunct gaming website: it was awarded a 5/10. I gave this score because I felt that the game was average. It brought nothing new to the genre or series, and really just served as a nostalgia trip for those who were around to play the 1st Doom game back in 1993 Continue reading

Hitmans 1st Elusive Contract didn’t live up to expectation

Friday the 13th of May saw the first-ever elusive contract release being made available to play in Hitman. But, did it live up to expectations?

Elusive contracts are contracts which offer one opportunity to eliminate a target, that means; no second chances or saves. Once the contract is completed, it cannot be replayed. This new mode serves to further the realism factor which Hitman has strived for many years to establish and refine. Continue reading

No Mans Lie – A NMS Analysis

No Man’s Sky has landed – and much like your character in the game – it’s had to endure some tough environments since its release. But, why has No Man’s Sky been receiving such harsh criticism?

I think it’s fair to say that Hellogames has landed. Sean Murray is a superb visionary who may very well have changed gaming forever. Continue reading

Boldly going nowhere – No Mans Sky review (pre-update)

No Mans Sky
Platform on which it was played: Playstation 4
Score: 6/10 – No Man’s Sky offers all of the aesthetics but delivers on none of the long-awaited promise. Initially outstanding, it gradually progresses into just another Minecraft-esque adventure quest with about as much positive content as a Donald Trump human rights policy.
Price Paid: £59.99 at release

Continue reading