News: Red Dead Redemption 2 delayed until 2018

Most of us predicted it, no-one wanted it. Our worst fear has been realised, it will be a longer time than anticipated until we can finally play the follow-up numbered game to the 2010 spaghetti-western powerhouse which placed gamers into the firm leather-clad boots of John Marston as he redeemed a life of crime Continue reading


News: E3 Cometh – LA gearing up

Rumours have been swirling recently and now we have proof in the form of this preliminary image from the LA E3 building being decorated in preparation for the BIG event in June.
The time is fast approaching which sees hundreds of developers and publishers descend onto ‘the city of angels’ in order to showboat and demonstrate the wonderful things which they have been working on since the last time we saw them – E3 2106, to be exact. Continue reading