Just Cause 3 Sky Fortress DLC review – is it a bird, is it a plane? (spoilers)

sky fortress 2

Only read this review, if you don’t care about spoilers or have already completed the DLC.

Sky fortress is the first of the Sea, Land and Air expansions planned for Just Cause 3, it comprises of additional weapons, vehicles, and a standalone story expansion. 

sla jc

Sky Fortress revolves around a mysterious corporation by the name of, eDen.
eDen are a multinational science company who have taken a special interest in Medici for its massive Bavarium reserves.
eDen is headed up by the matriarchal figure, eDen.

eDen is a sharp tongued, quick witted woman who is hell-bent on extracting every last drop of precious Bavarium from Medici’s isles, regardless of the cost to the general population.
The DLC story culminates in an all-out attack on the airship the result of which is, a shocking revelation in regards to the mysterious corporation’s history and origins.
We discover that the Eden voice which we have been hearing throughout the duration of the DLC narrative is actually that of an advanced artificial intelligence which was assembled to help the existing crew in their scientific studies, which at some point before arriving in Medici, killed all human staff on board and took full control of the airship.
Over time, Eden came to realise that ‘her’ core was powered by Bavarium and that, in order to maintain her life, she would need to find a huge reserve of Bavarum – enter Medici.

sky fortress 2

Enemies have been given an overhaul for the DLC, with standard infantry soldier units being reinforced with automated drones which will stop at nothing, to destroy any and all intruders.
Sky fortress also adds 2 new weapons and items; an assault rifle powered with Bavarium – the Bavarium splitter – and a drone which can be called down to clear an area of enemies -the Eviction drone and finally, offers an upgrade to the existing wing-suit which arms it with high-calibre machine guns on either side and a single Bavarium powered rocket launcher.

sky fortress

In addition to the weapons and jet-pack upgrade, Sky Fortress brings to Just Cause 3 is the eDen airship.
The airship is a huge heli-carrier which is surrounded by armed drones, protected by land-to-air missile launchers – which can be destroyed but not hacked unlike their counterparts that appear in the main game – and is home to the eDen corporations central hub and excavating machinery.
In addition to the Heli-carrier, the Sky Fortress also adds two new settlements which are armed with the tell-tale drones and surrounded – on most sides – by Bavarium reserves and power sources, these can all be destroyed in order to complete the settlement.

Sky fortress tries to reel you in with the act that you can replay old bases and outposts, using the combat-ready jet-pack to obliterate all who stand in your way, but be warned, SAMs will still target you and you will need to utilise the new ‘dodge’ ability in order to evade these missiles.

sky fortress 1

The main game’s cut-scenes are replaced by terribly presented comic book-style clips which serve to explain the story and highlight key elements of the DLC story.
Anybody who is familiar with ‘Valiant Hearts’ – the Ubisoft war puzzle game – will feel comfortable with the new way in which Just Cause 3’s Sky Fortress DLC presents its non-playable screens via stylised artwork.

The wonderful sounds and effects from the main game are carried over into the DLC, due to the fact that the DLC is added into the existing surroundings.
In addition to the sounds which we are used to, there is now the addition of sci-fi sounding ‘zoom’  and ‘whooshes’ as you ignite your brand-new Bavarium jet-pack and flit across the sky like a rocket-powered bird.

There is no denying that Sky Fortress brings a small addition to an already saturated game, but one cannot help but feel that this expansion should have been left until last, as it does at times, feel empty, cold and bland.

In summary, the good news is that if you bought the ‘full’ edition then all of the DLC will be ‘free’ for you, but if you decided to take a wait-and-see approach, I wouldn’t bother coughing up the dough for this expansion unless you absolutely HAVE to have a jetpack armed with machine guns and rockets


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