All Is lost review – Salvation has never been more ominous

All Is Lost
Platform on which it was played: IOS
Price Paid: Free
Score: 8/10 – a well-presented, atmospheric endless runner which provides hours of addicting gameplay.


Now we trudge through the side-on survival world of All Is Lost, welcome to Nihilism.
All Is Lost is a science-fiction themed endless runner by the small developer – Foursaken Media.
For anyone not familiar,
Foursaken Media is a small team of four brothers who develop games for portable platforms, they are responsible for the delightfully endearing Puzzle To The Centre Of The Earth and Heroes and Castles 2.
They develop games because they are passionate about them and this is shockingly apparent when playing one of their games as – unlike other IOS and Android games –  they feel like a great deal of love and attention has been put into giving the end-user the best possible experience using the least amount of memory or resources.
It is the distant future, mankind has been scattered across a vast and hazardous universe and small crews of people live on space stations.
The crews suffer every day and struggle to survive against a number of dangers, the player is given control of each member of the crew in order to help them escape with their lives, this is done by; jumping, rolling and interacting with items across the levels in order to reach the ‘end’ of each level and – ultimately – safety.


Someone should probably deal with that debris befo– oh, never mind.

You play across a variation of spaceships within a beautiful world supported by an action-packed backdrop and polished interactive objects.
You select a character from the list presented and control them using intuitive controls in an endless runner environment in which you must think on your feet and anticipate each and every danger with care and patience in order to escape the level.
By swiping with your finger or a stylus -in a number of directions in a various number of places on the screen in relation to the UI’s instruction, the character traverses the environment.
The left side of the screen is used to control the character-specific movements; swipe up and down for jump and roll respectively, the right side of the screen is used to interact with the environment by swiping away from the direction of the hazard, in order to remove the danger from the character’s path.
You play across a variation of spaceships within a beautiful world supported by an action-packed backdrop and polished interactive objects.

I wasn’t aware that the Sun was an energy saver bulb.

Presented on a clean sci-fi palette utilising ultralight colouring of standard primary colours and atmospheric lighting, It feels polished.
No detail is left to the imagination, as the game is played from a third-person platform perspective shown through the eye of a security camera as it watches the character escape the hazardous environment.
The chosen character’s information is detailed in the UI and is situated in such a way, it doesn’t interfere with the gaming experience but still manages to provide perfect relevant information.


The whole game fits together like a well-played jigsaw with the final piece being the soundtrack.
The music used in the game brings to mind the sublime score of 2001: A Space Odyssey, all of the sound effects used to present each-and-every hazard or event feels well-placed and deliberate in order to support the whole experience to provide a pleasingly delightful nod to sci-fi movies and games from a by-gone era.

The occasional ad and micro-transaction reminder do not hinder the experience from being a memorable and enjoyable one and displaying to the gaming world at large, just because a game is small and free certainly does not mean it has to be empty and soulless.

Bravo to Foursaken Media for yet another fantastic game and another perfect addition to a growing repertoire of enjoyable time-sinks.


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