Lifeline – binary is key (spoiler free)

Game: Lifeline
Platform played on: IOS
Price Paid: Free

To call Lifeline a ‘video-game’ is a crime against art.

Lifeline is a portable narrative experience which is controlled via two available options given to the player at regular intervals.


“How did I get here?”

The player interacts with the application by exchanging messages with an unknown character using the in-app User Interface.
At designated points in the experience the character  – with which the player is interacting – will ask the player questions, which the player will then answer in the form of two available dialogue options, based entirely around these decisions; the outcome and health of the character is decided.

Lifeline‘s visual aesthetic is simplistic yet pleasing; it does not try to change during the entire experience and for that – I’m thankful.
If Lifeline tried to alter its visual style it would degrade the atmosphere and gravitas which makes the game so easily enjoyable and thoroughly addicting.

Given the visual style, it should come as no surprise that the audio used in the app is basic and cliché although does serve to conjure a science-fiction environment in one’s mind which combines with the UI and game-play style to create a thoroughly surprising and eventful interaction.


“You don’t want to know, trust me”

In the bustling concrete jungle in which we live; it is sometimes difficult to find the time to play a video-game.

Lifeline understands this struggle, instead of the video-game demanding that you make the time in your life for ‘it’, Lifeline fits its experience around you by giving all responses in reflected game-time ( 1 Hour in game = 1 hour in real life).
This mechanic allows the player to contemplate their previous choices and response but also serves as a device for the player to maintain their normal days events while also enjoying the story and experience being delivered by this one-of-a-kind application experience.

The simplistic approach of the app is absolutely superb and makes for an immersive and relatable experience which projects a humorous and – at times – harrowing experience for any and all players lucky enough to play it.


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