Pocket Mortys – Pokemort

Name: Pocket Morty’s
Platform played on: IOS
Score: 7/10
Price paid: FREE




“You talkin’ to me?”

We can only assume that Pocket Morty’s has never heard of a lawsuit because if it had; it probably wouldn’t exist.
The game is fantastic; it’s a perfect copy-paste of Pokemon but that really ‘is’ what makes it great. 

Rick and Morty is an absolute institution of weirdness in today’s world and with the arrival of this game, we can take it around on Android and IOS; it’s awesome.

You take control of Rick, collect different Morty’s from various universes, battle other trainers in the game and fight an ‘elite league’ – if you aren’t getting Pokemon from this yet then you really need to press the back button and leave this page.
The Morty’s have 3 types of attack – think Rock, paper, scissors – the various Morty’s do have their own unique attacks which does serve to mix-up the – at times – tedious combat system.

As with Pokemon – you go from area-to-area to capture Morty’s tin order to build a well-balanced team to fight trainers and special Ricks to win badges which allow progression to other worlds and next stages.
The battle systems are – as mentioned before – fight, use item, switch Morty’s and run (never run).


Like no-one ever was…

In order to move Rick and his gang around the map and navigate the world, the player must manipulate the on-screen D-pad.
At first glance, I thought that the fact the on-screen D-pad can’t be moved would irk me tremendously – it didn’t, in actual fact it was quite comfortable and well-placed.

The combat itself is handled using a touch-screen turn-based system that seems absolutely perfect for the purpose. (perfect for purpose sounds like a glam rock band)
At point-of-sale the game is completely free, there are micro-transactions that can be accessed via watching in-game adverts or coughing up real money.
It boils down to – if you want to avoid the micro-transactions – don’t use the machines that are helpfully labelled to reflect their purpose.
As you progress further into the game you will discover a grind-level that you have – most likely – never encountered before.

The grind is steep and difficult but I never felt the need to ‘dip in’ to my wallet and cough up the progress payments to move further through the game.
If we move on from the Pokemon cloning program that seems to have spawned this game, we’ll discover a lovable Rick and Morty game which could have featured more voicing from the in-show characters and maybe a few more winks and nudges in the direction of the show itself.

Overall, it’s a pleasant experience for any Rick and Morty fan and has game-play elements that most gamers will be completely familiar with.

Rubber baby bubby bumpers!



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