Push and Pop – the 80’s ‘pop’ game with soul

Game: Push and Pop
Developer: Rocky Hong
Platform on which it was played: IOS (available on Android)
Price Paid: Free
Score: 9/10 With his 4th instalment of arcade treasure, Rocky Hong has delivered a superb little slide ‘n’ pop  game which offers a beautifully designed UI and combines it with a simplistic and addictive gameplay system which will keep you entertained for hours as you try and decipher the whole reasoning behind the games ideal. Is it a simplistic arcade puzzler harking back to the days of old or is it actually a mind control device determined to steal the majority of your day? – only time shall tell. Continue reading

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VR or not to VR, that is the question

After a very successful E3 conference, the VR market is finally beginning to expand from tech-demos to real-life examples of how this technology could be used to make existing games far better by adding a level of depth previously unreachable due to the detached nature of having a player sit, stand or lie with a control pad in their hands and have ambient noise from their surroundings interrupting their experience. Continue reading

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Look Away – My Thoughts on Lemony Snickets A Series Of Unfortunate Events (Netflix)

Look away, look away, this review teems with dreadful themes and overwhelming dismay.
Look away, look away for reading this will surely ruin your entire day.

By this point, I hope you realise that I am – of course – joking. Lemony Snickets books have never been filled with happiness, joy and glee, this was no different with 2004’s movie starring the enigmatic Jim Carrey as the dreadful ‘Count Olof’, this theme survived and is highlighted in the 2017 Netflix series which puts Neil Patrick Harris in the role as the count. Continue reading

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News: Red Dead Redemption 2 delayed until 2018

Most of us predicted it, no-one wanted it. Our worst fear has been realised, it will be a longer time than anticipated until we can finally play the follow-up numbered game to the 2010 spaghetti-western powerhouse which placed gamers into the firm leather-clad boots of John Marston as he redeemed a life of crime Continue reading

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News: E3 Cometh – LA gearing up

Rumours have been swirling recently and now we have proof in the form of this preliminary image from the LA E3 building being decorated in preparation for the BIG event in June.
The time is fast approaching which sees hundreds of developers and publishers descend onto ‘the city of angels’ in order to showboat and demonstrate the wonderful things which they have been working on since the last time we saw them – E3 2106, to be exact. Continue reading

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What the heck is… Pokemon GO?!

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. Your coworkers are playing, their friends are playing it, heck, even the dog’s giving it a go. But, what exactly ‘is’ Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is one step away from total domination, but how does it work? And where can you get it? I will not try to attempt to answer all of these questions and more as we delve head first into the frightfully successful world of Pokemon Go. Continue reading

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Demons Souls is From Softwares masterpiece

In the years that have passed since it made its triumphant and deadly debut back in 2009, Demon’s Souls continues to stand the test of time.

Since 2009 I have had a problem – I like being killed.

Okay, that isn’t strictly true. I like being killed by overpowered beasties in difficult to navigate areas, only to be re-spawned and proceed to fight back to the arena and slice the monster into equal pieces. You may have guessed what I’m talking about here: the renowned Souls series. Continue reading

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